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Library & Knowledge Services: COVID-19: Information for patients and families

Talking with patients, clients, and families about COVID-19

The following are resources about COVID-19 that you may want to share with patients, clients, and families. This is not an exhaustive list. The resources have been selected for relevance to the people we serve at BC Children's Hospital, and BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre (C&W). Thank you to Tina Costa, Senior Leader, Clinical Education, for creating the original list. 

This page does not include internal documents. C&W staff, please visit ePOPS for:

  • Patient and family handouts (FAQs, letters/emails, IPAC precautions information sheets), and
  • Visitor restriction policies and posters.

This page will be reviewed or updated regularly until further notice. Please contact Pamela Harrison with comments, questions, or requests for further resources. 

Creating COVID-19 content for patients and families?

Contact Pamela Harrison, Health Literacy Information Specialist. 

I support C&W staff in creating plain language educational documents for patients, families and the public by:

The BC Center for Disease Control has also published a language guide to distigmatize COVID-19, which will be helpful when you create content on this topic.

Looking for COVID-19 evidence support?

Check out the COVID-19 Evidence Support Guide, prepared by Andrea Ryce, Clinical Librarian for C&W, to learn about COVID-19 and

  • Infection control (PPE)
  • Pregnancy
  • Pediatrics
  • Special populations (pediatric cancer, home ventilation or trach care, and transplant patients)
  • Preparation and operations management

Follow the links to reliable, evidence-based resources, and sign up for evidence updates 


Find the most current information on COVID-19

Information for patients and families at BC Children's

Resources by audience

For special populations:
Staying healthy (general):
Coping with anxiety and promoting mental health:
Physical and financial safety in BC:

For parents and caregivers:

Parenting children with special medical needs:
Staying healthy (general):
Helping children and teens cope with COVID-19 precautions:

For children and teens:

For outpatients and inpatients:
For children and teens with diverse learning styles (or with diagnoses of ASD, ADHD)
Learning about Coronavirus (COVID-19):
Staying healthy (general):
Coping with anxiety and promoting mental health:

General (adults and youth):

For special populations:

For children: