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Pediatric pain guide for caregivers: Pain medication

Learn about pediatric pain and how to manage it

Information from BC Children's

These are pain medicines that your team at BC Children's Hospital may use. Click on a medicine to learn:

  • Other names for this medicine
  • How it works
  • How to use and store it
  • Warnings and possible side effects, and
  • When to get help

Opioid recommendations

Ask about pain medicine

Drug safety: Parents

Drug safety: Teens

Pain myth busters: Medication

Pain care at BC Children's

BC Children’s Hospital promotes a balanced, collaborative partnership between:

  • The person receiving care,
  • Their caregiver(s), supporter(s), and family, and
  • Staff and healthcare professionals within the organization and community.  

We are committed to improving health outcomes and services. Learn about our approach in Mind-body techniques: Helping children to cope with painful procedures.

For more information about supporting your child’s pain and services available at BC Children’s go to our Pain management and comfort webpage.